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Waste redesigned into fashion.


Made from Airbags.

Discover our products created in collaboration with NICCE. By repurposing deployed airbags from the automotive industry, we've reduced the need for virgin materials in the production process, while enhancing our designs with thoughtful details and functionality.

  • Biobean
  • Nespresso
  • First mile
  • Commonwealth sport
  • Lidl
  • MOTF
  • Selfridges
  • British council
  • BBC

We help brands transform their products into circular products.

Ethilution breathes new life into the discarded - A generation of waste that is rescued and redesigned into user friendly products, responsibly made in the UK.

A sustainable design service that helps fashion brands create environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. We specialize in sustainable material selection, ethical production practices, and circular design to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Ethilution partners with Museum of the future

Ethilution fashion accesories focused on addressing specific challenges and issues facing the fashion industry such as water scarcity, waste reduction and circular economy.

All products are made from post-consumer products.

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