By definition, transparency of a process, situation or statement is its quality of being easily understood. There are no secrets connected or surrounding it because it is expressed in a clear way.

Ethilution is an open book; from the way in which we source, transform and
manufacture our products, right the way through to the distribution and use of waste.

Ethilution is a true team effort and would not be possible without the support of our partners. All of our partners share the same mission: to maintain a closed loop system of design, minimise waste and promote a circular economy by extending product lifecycles.

We have partnered with many local business’ which supply us with used coffee capsules for our products and used cardboard for our packaging. We are also supplied with leather waste for products by HF contractors and other donors.

Our local community is also incredibly important to us. We take pride in our connection with the local community, who also donate their used capsules and cardboard to us. This enables us to maintain an open dialogue with people and promote the importance of recycling and create an incentive to recycle properly, with the aim for them to spread the information gathered to the wider

Bio-bean and First mile are also important partners of Ethilution. First mile ensures that all of our
spent coffee grounds, from the capsules, are delivered to bio-bean safely in order to extend their lifecycle; from there, bio-bean ensures that 100% of the used coffee grounds that are removed from each coffee capsule are not wasted, and instead will be upcycled into sustainable green products.

We breakdown each of our products into elements so that our customer knows exactly how it has been developed and manufactured. It is important for us to be able to share the exact processes that each of our products go through before they reach you. Each of our products has an in-depth product description, a note on how many spent grounds have been sent to bio-bean in the process of making the product, as well as information on all materials, manufacturing processes, shipping details and exchanges/returns. All of this information ensures that we maintain complete transparency with you about every aspect of our product, ensuring that you have an amazing shopping experience and have all necessary knowledge to understand all aspects of our brand and its identity.

We also strive to maintain a regular, informative presence on our Social Media and in our Zero Waste Blog. Here we have worked to create a space of community, information and knowledge. We include more in-depth information about Ethilution and our practices; well as information about other environmental issues, problems with textile practices, innovative new materials and interviews with other environmentally positive designers/creatives.

Honesty, openness and accountability are pillars that support the infrastructure of

We believe that our mission will only be possible if we have a transparent window and open communication with our community. This will allow for an honest and open conversations surrounding current issues, material/technology breakthroughs and positive research.