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Redefine Your Brand with Ethilution: Sustainable Design for a Better Future

Ethilution supports brands in their shift to a circular economy by offering a range of services that cover the entire product development process.

Research and Development:

We conduct research to identify opportunities for circular economy solutions, such as repurposing post-consumer waste or incorporating closed-loop systems.

Design and Development:

We work with brands to design and develop products that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable, such as designing for disassembly, incorporating circular business models, and using sustainable materials.

Manufacturing and production:

We offer a sustainable manufacturing and production service that helps fashion brands to reduce their environmental impact and promote ethical practices in their production process.

Communication and Styling:

We help brands communicate their circular story to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and we also offer sustainable fashion styling service that allows brands to showcase their circular products in an attractive and appealing way.


We help brands to shift from a linear business model to a circular one, by incorporating product-as-a-service model, this includes: product rental, product leasing, product repair, and product upgrade.

Continuous improvement:

We continuously monitor and measure progress and implement improvements to achieve sustainable goals.