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Circular Manufacturing

Using waste as fuel. Sealing the deal on a patented circular manufacturing process.

Not only do we convert solid waste to steam, we have an innovative take-back scheme that converts end-of-life leather into fuel for our thermal energy plant. Old leather contributes to the manufacture of new - a circular manufacturing process.

When it comes to the tanning process, this is where our circular manufacturing comes into its own.

We generate co-products which are sold on to be re-used as raw materials in a wide range of other industries, including the food and biofuel sectors.

In developing our own renewable driven, self-heating system we have already reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill by 81% in 2020. This reduction in landfill is a major landmark in our journey to zero waste by 2025.


Recycling water...

Used water is filtered and recycled back into leather production.

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