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Spent coffee grounds

The untapped value.

Did you know that brewing your cup of coffee doesn’t fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds within coffee grounds? 

These grounds are trapped within the sealed capsule and if not disposed of appropriately, it can result in the spent grounds ending up in landfill sites where they are left to decompose. This can result in Anaerobic decomposition that produces methane, a direct contributor to excess greenhouse gasses and the climate crisis.

Brewing process

The brewing process involved in making a cup of coffee does not fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds contained within the coffee beans. In fact, spent coffee grounds still retain up to a third of the volatile aroma and flavour compounds as contained in fresh roasted beans.



Through bio-bean's unique, certified supply chain model ensuring spent grounds remain within the food chain, along with bio-bean's proprietary green extraction methods and team of chemical engineers, we’ve created natural flavouring products extracted from these spent grounds.

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