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We have partnered with bio-bean to ensure that 100% of the used coffee grounds removed from each coffee capsules will be upcycled into sustainable green products.
The brewing process involved in making a cup of coffee doesn’t fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds contained within the coffee beans. Up to a third of the volatile aroma and flavour of the spent coffee is retained.


bio-beans unique and certified supply chain model ensures that spent coffee remains in the food chain, by using green extraction methods carried out by their team of chemical engineers, they’ve created sustainable natural flavouring components in foods and beverages extracted from the used coffee grounds.
They provide flavorists, formulators and manufacturers with improved environmental performance, clean labelling and potential for unique flavour profiles.


Our rescued coffee grounds are also turned into biofuels and essential oils that cut greenhouse emissions such as biomass pellets and coffee logs.
The heat output of coffee logs is 20% greater than any kiln dried wood with a 18% slower burn rate making it a longer-lasting sustainable fuel, averting the carbon-heavy footprint associated with fossil fuels. 

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