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Ethilution has the core focus on blurring the lines between waste and beauty. 

Our foundation is supported by four words: Rescue. Revaluate. Redesign. Repeat.


We explore waste streams which are accumulated in the process of business and lifestyle activities. By identifying waste streams, we design seamless systems which acts a circular infrastructure to divert waste from landfills and creates value through recycling and energy capture which supports public health and environmental protection 


Waste materials are our raw materials. By capturing waste materials and introducing innovation we utilise existing materials and products efficiently by recycling and reusing. 

Our innovative approach goes against the traditional linear process of take-make-waste and supports a circular system by eliminating waste and continuing the use of resources.


Problems are opportunities. By not only designing high quality, functional and reliable products but designing products that can be dissembled at the end of their lifecycle, we are creating products that are environmentally friendly throughout it's lifecycle and reducing waste out of the system.


Let's go again. Once a product has been rescued, research, redeveloped and redesigned, our circular end of life design enables us to renew and redesign those same products into new products. 


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