Ethilution was founded in 2020, with the core focus on blurring the lines between waste and beauty. 

Our attention goes into developing solutions by rescuing discarded waste that have fallen victim to a linear system and reworking them into our circular model of meticulously crafting textile techniques with organic form, bridging together common practices, innovative technology and awareness.

Our handbags and accessories offer functionality, reliability and a compelling story. Each product is handcrafted at our workshop, this allows the A-Z of our process to take place under one roof. 

Ethilution utilises collaborations as a vital tool, a cross disciplinary approach to collaboration exists to reevaluate and elevate each message by combining point of views and the introduction of advanced processing techniques, taking our work on a journey of discovery, anchored with the same objective, to eliminate waste. 

Welcome to our journey,

Rhys Ellis