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bio-bean: Turning spent coffee grounds into natural flavourings

We always get asked if customers can send coffee pods with coffee grounds inside and what do you do we do with the used coffee grounds? So we thought we would tell you what our amazing partners at bio-bean are doing with your used coffee grounds once we remove them from all of the capsules that we receive... 

The brewing process involved in making a cup of coffee does not fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds contained within the coffee beans. In fact, spent coffee grounds still retain up to a third of the volatile aroma and flavour compounds as contained in fresh roasted beans. Through bio-bean's unique, certified supply chain model ensuring spent grounds remain within the food chain, along with bio-bean's proprietary green extraction methods and team of chemical engineers, we’ve created natural flavouring products extracted from these spent grounds.

Our high-quality extracts are ideal as sustainable, natural flavouring components in foods and beverages. They provide flavourists, formulators and manufacturers with improved environmental performance, clean labelling and the potential for unique flavour profiles.

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