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Spent Coffee Grounds

Did you know that brewing your cup of coffee doesn’t fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds within coffee grounds? 

Used coffee grounds are the organic waste that is sealed within coffee capsules.

These grounds are trapped within the sealed capsule and if not disposed of appropriately, it can result in the spent grounds ending up in landfill sites where they are left to decompose. This can result in Anaerobic decomposition that produces methane, a direct contributor to excess greenhouse gasses and the climate crisis.

At Ethilution, we recognise the value that spent coffee grounds still maintain. After the coffee capsules are cleaned through our system, the spent coffee grounds are extracted and sent directly to our partners bio-bean, the world's largest coffee ground recycler.

Our partnership, which we title 'Solutionship' with bio-bean provides the resources and knowledge to transform rescued coffee grounds into sustainable products i.e essential oils, natural food and beverage flavourings and biofuels.

This Solutionship provides innovation and sustainable design that minimises waste and creates a waste to energy service and product.