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Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton is a cotton fabric created from post-consumer cotton and offcuts. Cotton is a natural fibre, in any form (recycled or conventional), it is renewable and because it is a plant derivative it is inherently biodegradable by trait.

The lifecycle of conventional cotton is one of pollution and waste. The agriculture of growing the plant is one of pesticides and copious amounts of water. Much of this water used on the crops runs off the fields, taking the pesticides with it, contaminating local water supplies and causing harm to wildlife as well as potentially people who rely on those water sources.

Using recycled cotton provides a solution to the use of toxic pesticides, and excess water within production by creating a circular economy within the cotton industry, providing a means and source to turn what would be cotton waste into more fabric.

We use recycled cotton for the linings of our handbags. The cotton material is thin, flexible and soft making it the perfect lining choice. We recognise the negatives of conventional cotton and decided that in order to maintain the sustainable development of the brand a suitable, sustainable alternative had to be used.

We chose recycled cotton because it creates a closed loop system within the cotton industry prevents cotton waste ending up in landfills where it is unable to biodegrade, and instead, produces a high-quality material that prevents waste.