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Plastic Bottles

Eco Fi fabric is a soft fabric used for the lining of our laptop sleeves. The material is made from recycled Post-consumer plastic bottles and clothing.

The non-renewable counterpart to Eco Fi is virgin polyester. This material is a non-renewable resource derives from crude oil, which releases excess carbon emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to the climate crisis.

Eco Fi offers a solution to the harmful process of polyester production while producing a material that is almost identical to polyester from a functionality perspective. By using 100% recycled materials, plastic bottles and cottons, instead of using virgin materials, it reduces the disposal of non-renewable resources into landfill and reduces the carbon footprint of the plastics by
minimising waste. Using recycled materials like cotton also significantly reduces water wastage that is used on virgin crop, preventing waste of excess water and water pollution from agriculture industries and pesticides.

At Ethilution we recognise the need for creating functional and effective items while maintaining a sustainable, closed loop system of environmentally positive design. That is why we choose Eco Fi as the lining for our laptop sleeves. The material is soft, and protective for the laptop, unlike the leather waste material would be. And the material maintains the sustainable development and zero waste approach of the brand ensuring the prevention of waste into landfill, preventing harmful air emissions and protecting the environment.