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Cardboard Packaging

Our packaging is 100% recycled. It is sourced from pre used cardboard packaging and used coffee sacks. We create tailor-made dust bags for our products from coffee sacks and we recycle the donated cardboard, re branding it with the Ethilution logo and a message of awareness.

Most conventional packaging methods that involve new materials have some sort of carbon footprint that negatively impacts the environment, as fossil fuels are needed in most forms of production. Plastic packaging is a non-renewable resource that does not biodegrade. New cardboard directly links to deforestation and demolition of natural habitats. And even ‘biodegradable’ packaging alternatives, especially those made from wheat, starch or corn have negative effects on the environment as they are produced from the same plant as food. Therefore, in order to produce this packaging on more deforestation for agriculture is caused and more pesticides are used on the crops.

We are aware of the negative impacts that most new packaging forms contain, from a social, environmental and ethical standpoint and recognise the importance of maintaining a closed loop cycle of environmental design. We acknowledge that even the packaging of our product must comply with our zero-waste system, henceforth we implement a system of diverting local cardboard waste and re using it to reduce carbon footprint and create a circular economy of design and packaging.